Might chiropractic care help you to continue breastfeeding?


You know your baby isn’t breastfeeding well. But there’s a lot you don’t know. Is it a latching problem? That’s possible. Is it a milk supply problem? Maybe. Is it a medical problem? Perhaps. Is it a musculoskeletal problem? You might never have considered that, but, yes, that’s a distinct possibility.

Is it a lactation and latching a problem? 

You’ve seen several lactation consultants and pediatricians and they just aren’t helping. Maybe one told you that your milk supply has tanked, or that breastfeeding just isn’t for you. Someone else told you to pump or top-off with formula. Yet another told you to use a nipple shield and try various breastfeeding positions to ease your pain or difficulty. Sound familiar?

All of these ideas might be useful, but they might just cover up a deeper and more significant underlying problem.

Are sore nipples a problem?

Often, nipple damage, breast infection and other “breastfeeding trouble” goes un-examined and un-treated. Too often, the breastfeeding relationship comes to an early and unfortunate demise. That’s not okay! But after multiple attempts and heaps of advice, the baby just doesn’t latch well. Consider this. Maybe the baby isn’t latching well because he or she is unable to latch well.

Is it your infant’s muscles or bones?

Too often, the infant’s anatomy is overlooked as the potential cause for breastfeeding difficulty.

I often see breastfeeding infants with some sort of muscle or bone restriction. Meaning, they cannot open their mouth wide enough to get a deep latch. Or, they are unable able to lay on their right side to suckle their mother’s left breast. Some have trouble looking one way or the other (torticollis). Regardless of what causes this problem, it is happening!

Can chiropractic relieve discomfort for the baby who is feeding?

Often, before the newborn arrives in my office, the dyad has been thoroughly examined and managed from a medical and lactation perspective. But from experience, I know that often, a newborn’s musculoskeletal system is contributing to or causing breastfeeding dysfunction.

Regardless of the cause, I can safely treat the newborn’s muscle and joint restrictions. Once I normalize their body’s ability to move correctly and freely, they can coordinate the latch, suck, swallow and breathe mechanism. Once function and coordination are improved, the breastfeeding function improves dramatically. 

Why does pediatric chiropractic care work?

Skilled pediatric chiropractic care works because it directly treats the spine, head and associated soft tissue that are used during a feeding session. If the structure is not in normal position or in balance, then the function will not be normal.

When there is abnormal function for either an infant or an adult, some sort of symptom or pain is generally present.

Does this sound like your story? Are you seeking a chiropractor to help you preserve your breastfeeding relationship? Please leave a comment!

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